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little deaf
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- "little deaf" was inspired as a tribute to John Cage.  while we heard tell of the Cage estate suing an artist for actually producing a silence, specifically notated as being in tribute to Cage, and succeeding out of court, we (the crew of RR4.0) decided that we should do something silent but entirely different as part tribute, part statement.  this then is the result of that.  while this is the work of many people, Recycled Rainbow is, as it always has been, a collaborative work of many artists - most of whom including myself have some variety of limitation on creative budgets, and so i contribute my webspace and bandwidth freely for this particular endeavor as this is my own video footage of said event anyway.

electronica / collage:

fractured rays of light
128K-- 34.4M


- "fractured rays of light" is a work in progress.  It debuted at rr7.0 - Illumination, as the third segment within the larger group project "The Invisible Generation."  although I had originally planned a solo set at rr7.0, I was intrigued by the invitation to combine all three separates. The Button (E.M. and Glacial 23), Dirt Goddess & Widget, and myself collaborated in segments. the first segment moved from birth into life. the second moved from life into death. the third segment - mine - moved up the path from the material world to illumination. the first two segments did indeed have a structure that could be followed, but no video. man is blind from birth until death. with the second strike of the electric chair, fractured rays of light began - a sonically amorphous ambient trip through the Bardo and up the Tree of Life, accompanied by raw imagery that flashes much like a dream.  this was a very important work for me, and to have the chance to debut it in such a venue as rr7.0 - "Illumination," was an immense honor.

- this beginning gave rise to the already-planned larger work, which is based on the imagery of Aleister Crowley's "Wake World" as featured in Konx Om Pax.  "fractured rays of light" was performed as a solo piece at rr10.0 on 28 May 2005.  no one has ever figured out what happened to the bottom half of this recording.  it was heard by all present, but missing from the harddisk recording, fed directly from the sound board.  the only thoughts are that they are not to be heard until such time as I finally complete the work in its entirety.  I only return to this work when inspired.  a full 72 minute version will manifest at some time.  of this I am quite certain.


56k -- 18.9M


- this project is the first of the dataFields. It was performed live at RR6.0 with complete props, 06 July 2003, and will not in the future be performed live ever again. It is not to be confused with acid house music. One listening, and you will understand the name. It is structured such that to understand the beginning, it must be looped. The reconstruction of this piece for the recording was somewhat daunting, and it did indeed take a very long time of leaving it fallow prior to bulldozing my way back through it all in one very blurry eyed weekend.


(meditation on one note)

56k -- 10.3M


- this is a meditation upon quite literally one note. I was preparing for the set I was to perform at RR6.0, and working out how I would do my underlay. I was originally planning to record merely for the sake of checking my levels, line noise and all of that technical hoohah

... then this happened. 12 June 2003.

This meditation played itself out upon my Korg MS2000. I found myself lost, swimming in its pretty metallic blueness and all of its 35 beautiful little grey knobs, lost unto the sound of the warble ... unable to let myself allow that sound to stop.

[here lies the crappy mp3. download it all you like. if you want to incorporate it into something else -- ask me beforehand. if you would like a copy in its full .cda glory, contact me. $5 flat secures you a copy including packing and shipping anywhere within the 48 ConUS; elsewhere ask first please.  If you're really special and nice, I might upload the .wav file to get it to you faster.


chandelier collective

56K -- 69.5M


- from PressTheButton.com Episode 311: Chandelier Collective (6/9/2003) (every man & Glacial 23 & Hetmana) A quiet seed is planted in fertilized soil. Soon, it grows into an impressively large tree with countless branches. Like long powerful arms, they grab onto all the other trees within their grasp, allowing their owner to become one with its surrounding. It bears fruit of many colors which it shares with anyone who desires its tempting offer. The sun shines a ray of light through the tree's branches that emphasize their various fruits, which now seem to light up the earth like an enormous chandelier. Its diversity of color looks as beautiful as it sounds . . . as well as its sounds. A strong wind occasionally blows by making the branches slowly sway. Some fruit will drop down, ripe for eating. They regularly get replaced with more organic treasures. Some are even bigger than before. Some are smaller, but always bearing equal magnificence in sight, smell, taste, feel, and sound. It inspired us to compose this three hour laudation to the Chandelier Collective. This is everything we heard. (for fans of The Orb)

Worthy of note: Despite falling asleep at the
end of the second hour, Hetmana kept playing her old analog synthesizer until we woke her up 10 minutes later! Her eyes were closed, you could hear her snoring, but her fingers wouldn't stop moving over the keys. You've just got to hear this one.


kotyacha mryia
(cat daydreams)
[Eng. - Cat Dreams]

- the nap-dream of a cat. ©2002.hetmana.  the full story.

16 June 2002. you are welcome to download this, make copies of it for your friends, your cat, your refrigerator or whatever else might like a copy.  if you would like to use any part of this in your own work, please contact me before doing so - depending on the work planned, i can be extremely agreeable.  if you would like a full copy of this work in CD format from the original wav (without any artifacts from converting a bad 56Kbps mp3 into a 1411Kbps wav), feel free to contact me.  the flat price of $10US (cash/M.O.) per CD includes shipping within the 48 ConUS.  if you would like this shipped elsewhere, please contact me first for adjusted shipping rates.

happy listening!


recycled rainbow contributions:

  • the "art parties"
    • rr1.0 (officially known as "a no-spectators art party") - dj'ing
    • rr2.0 "The Recycled Rainbow Gathering (II) " - 50% collage - 50% dj'ing
  • the "salons"
    • rr3.0 "Salon Era" - Charlatan Gypsy Fortune Teller; guitar/violin jam / Cat Dreams
    • rr4.0 "Rat Pack Era Vegas" - Russian Highroller; Little Deaf / hostess
    • rr5.0 "Religion" - Greek Temple Virgin; Midnight Sun Salutation (accompaniment by Stark Effect) / hostess / house painter
    • rr6.0 "The Future" - Arthur Dent; acidHouse (a data fields project) / house-prep crew / post-RR PTB crew
    • rr7.0 "Illumination" - Invisible Luminary; [Fractured Rays of Light] - segment 3 of project "Invisible Generation," as well as accompaniment throughout segments 1 & 2 - Every Man, Glacial 23, Dirt Goddess, Widget and hetmana / artwork and printing for E.M.'s release "Pyramid Lake" / canvas art.
    • rr7.5 "decompression" - de-compressor does not dance!
    • rr8.0 "non-human terrestrials" - Registered National Geographic Serengetti Grasses; photographer / back-up vocals for Ethereal Transmissions.
    • rr8.5 "alternative" - canvas painting / bar tender / house staff
    • rr9.0 "classic literature" - Madame H.P. Blavatsky; house staff / greeter
    • rr9.5 "chance" - Pajama Girl #3; art crew
    • LRS1.0 "Living Room Salon" - designated napper
    • rr10.0 "myths & legends" - Gay Veteran; Fractured Rays of Light [solo work]
    • rr11.0 "paranormal" - Girl with the Fluorescein Eyes; house staff / 2nd floor security / art crew
    • rr12.0 "ocean" - Surf-wader; house staff / 2nd floor security / art crew
    • rr13.0 "elements" - Water; pre-compression crew
    • rr14.0 "ancient worlds" - Atlantean Lady; house staff / 2nd floor security / art crew


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